"It's like the Tea Party only with more meat and more heat."

Organizers of the American BBQ Party Are Available for podcasts, live streams, and interviews.


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is bringing the CALVARY back to America and currently pursuing legal action after Democrats doctored one of her tweets during the second impeachment trial of President Trump.

Communications Director, Speaker, Conservative & social media influencer, activist, campaign operative, grassroots organizer, foreign policy fellow and journalist. As an activist and organizer, she’s traveled to nearly every corner of America through bus tours like the March for Trump, speaking engagements, and organizing massive grassroots events. She has served as the Communications Director for many high-profile people, candidates, and organizations. As a campaign consultant, she advised Presidential candidates, House and Senate campaigns, and many Political Action Committees and non-profits on a variety of issues such as but not limited to public relations & social media, gender & race issues, immigration & border issues, foreign policy, and grassroots organization. 

She spent the 2016 Presidential Election covering the candidates as a full-time reporter for Breitbart News where her videos and articles were featured and viewed millions of times on the election’s most influential news site. She was the London Center for Policy Research first intern & Associate Fellow and has continued her work with Generals, foreign diplomats, and other high-ranking officials seeking ways to contribute to complex National Security and Foreign Policy Issues through her media expertise. Her expansive social media network across multiple platforms has allotted her the ability to stay engaged and communicate with her on the ground grassroots network. 

She is a native of New York and a graduate of New York Military Academy and is still also very active in the NYMA Alumni Association. After attending University of Colorado Boulder studying Gender & Woman Studies with a concentration in race relations she returned home to New York to finish out her degree with Summa Laude honors in Gender & Women Studies with a concentration in race relations at the State University of New York, Purchase College. 

Dustin Stockton

Dustin Stockton is a strategist and grassroots activist. He is the Co-Founder of WeBuildTheWall and has taken a leadership role organizing hundreds of projects and events. As a writer his work has appeared in dozens of outlets from across the political spectrum including Breitbart News, USA Today, Politico, Washington Examiner, and many others.

He currently writes at Tyrant's Curse hosted on Substack and uses the platform to organize projects like the American BBQ Party. 

He is the proud father of four and determined to pass the blessings of liberty on to his kids. 

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